Regional Tourism
Economic Development

Program Overview

Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission (GCRPC) coordinates with a diverse calling of professionals, organizations, and businesses in order to assist its seven counties and their prospective cities and communities in reaching and expanding their economic goals  through tourism, planning, and development.

GCRPC was designated as an Economic Development District in March of 1995.  The status as an Economic Development District affords the members of GCRPC an edge in utilizing Federal and State programs.

In order to maintain this status, Golden Crescent is invited annually to apply for funding through a grant with the United States Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration.  This grant is matched with Planning Commission funds to cover the budget of the Economic Development Department and contribute to the budgets of various other supporting  departments.

The catalyst for GCRPC's Economic Development District status began through its participation in an Overall Economic Development Program (OEDP) which produced a resource currently referred to as a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).  The CEDS is a detailed document that gives economic information, statistics, and growth plans for the region as a whole and by county.  As a requirement of the Planning Commission's contract with the Department of Commerce, the CEDS is to be updated, maintained, and implemented by the funded staff and Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission's Board of Directors.

GCRPC's Economic Development Program also is a support staff for the Board of Director’s appointed Regional Tourism and Economic Development Advisory Committee (RTEDAC).  Realizing that tourism is a great asset to the economy, this committee was formed to address issues in the region from both the tourism and economic development standpoint.  Historically, the assistance of this committee has been utilized in updating the CEDS.

Since the Commission is still required to submit updated CEDS to EDA in order to maintain its Development District Status, a committee will be formed in order to generate the necessary update.

The Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission is a member of the Texas Coastal Bend Regional Tourism Council, a group dedicated to increasing awareness and vitality of tourism for the Golden Crescent Region.