Criminal Justice

Program Overview

The Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division (CJD) provides financial and technical assistance to those programs at the forefront of the fight against crime. With limited funding CJD focuses funds on innovative programs. They provide grant funds as seed money, not permanent life support for the programs. Grant dollars are provided only to those communities who come together to look at their problems and work towards the solutions. This initiative, called community planning, encourages local people to learn more about what is available where they live and to look for creative solutions to their problems.

The Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission (GCRPC) is specified by the Governor’s Office as the agency responsible for regional criminal justice planning. Funding for GCRPC criminal justice program is provided to assist in developing and preparing the Regional Criminal Justice Plan and to ensure that the local grantees and applicants for CJD funds receive adequate technical assistance.

With the assistance of the Regional Public Protection Committee (RPPC), local projects are reviewed to assess their merits and to determine whether the projects fulfill the criteria and priorities established in the CJD Annual Criminal Justice Plan for Texas. These projects are then ranked by the RPPC according to local priorities and are recommended for funding to the GCRPC Board. The approved Regional Criminal Justice plan is then forwarded to CJD for review and funding.

Funds are provided for regional law enforcement training, juvenile delinquency, and crime prevention programs. Federal funds are used in the region for purchase of services for juvenile probation programs. These programs enable local governments to certify local law enforcement officers, assist the county juvenile probation departments and the school in juvenile justice efforts, and promote crime prevention programs. Funds are provided to Non-profit organizations for victim services, Court appointed Child advocate, Sexual Abuse, and Safe Housing and counseling in these fields.


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GCRPC Regional Criminal Justice Strategic Plan **UPDATED** for 2018